Find the best way to identify your organisation’s next wave of growth through innovation.


Develop your employees’ capability and capacity to innovate, driving a culture of innovation through your working environment.


Use tested innovation tools to deliver data-driven insights you can measure and manage.

O U R  E X P E R T I S E

When offering clients our Innovative Solutions such as Consulting and Research, Capability Building, and Innovation Tools, we tap on our Key Expertise: the development of Innovation Strategy and Foresight, the cultivation of internal Innovation Capability and Culture, as well as the ability to deliver data-driven insights through our Innovation Process and Analytics to support your organisational decisions and vision.

I N N O V A S I A N®  P R O C E S S  &  P H I L O S O P H Y

Our InnovAsian® Process

We believe sustainable, value generating innovation is about embracing the need for change to maintain competitiveness, the willingness to extract and execute risky but promising ideas from your organisation’s talents, and connecting these ideas to the market until true value is realised. Hence, growth-stimulating innovation is a convergence of needs, great ideas, execution and value creation.

Our InnovAsian® Philosophy

Having the process, knowledge and resources alone are not enough to ensure the successful implementation of innovation-driven practices. For innovation to thrive and flourish, organisations need to adopt a mindset that supports pervasive innovation.

Each ring of our philosophy is developed through scientific, data-driven evidence, designed to deliver robust growth to both individuals and organisations.